GDPR anniversary research: how EU companies balance compliance and effective marketing


    GDPR anniversary research: how EU companies balance compliance and effective marketing

    CEOs and marketing executives from across Europe share their experiences with privacy compliance in the second edition of Piwik PRO’s GDPR study. 2023 results show a massive shift in how EU companies perceive GDPR and the obligations that come with it.

    More than 80% of EU companies find it possible to achieve a balance between effective marketing and privacy compliance – nearly 20% more than last year (63.2%). At the same time, more than 70% of study participants perceive the law as easy to understand. Companies are also taking privacy assessments of their tech more seriously – 33% run them regularly, while 36% do them occasionally. 

    GDPR has been characterized as "Europeans regulating themselves to death" by many. While it may have ended some business models, privacy and compliance is now being embraced by businesses.

    Piotr Korzeniowski, CEO at Piwik PRO

    The recent fuss around the use of Facebook and Google Analytics in Europe might have increased the popularity of European and EU-hosted marketing platforms. Many organizations (58%) already use marketing software with servers in the EU, while three-fourths are considering replacing their big tech tools with European alternatives. This is a significant increase over last year's 50%.
    All this indicates that businesses feel more comfortable complying with GDPR, they’re following current events, and they are ready to adjust their strategies accordingly.

    With clarification in many key areas and the announcement of better GDPR enforcement, European Union is starting a new phase of the privacy saga. Organizations with higher privacy standards will enter this time better prepared. With the basic requirements fulfilled, they can focus on updates and optimizations, increasing their competitive edge and using privacy compliance as a unique selling point.

    Lisette Meij, Data Protection Officer at Piwik PRO

    The full report, presented in the form of a website, can be accessed here: Five years into GDPR: How EU companies balance compliance and effective marketing

    Piwik PRO develops a privacy-first platform, providing an advanced suite of products centered around analytics. The platforms’ vendor-agnostic design ensures seamless integration with all parts of the client’s tech stack. The company’s client portfolio comprises 400+ brands, including the European Commission, Fitch Ratings and Crédit Agricole.

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